iTop Installation Wizard

Prerequisites validation: 1 Error(s), 2 Warning(s).

Missing PHP extension(s): phar.

Missing optional PHP extension: ldap. LDAP authentication will be disabled.

post_max_size (8M) in php.ini should be strictly greater than upload_max_filesize (128M) otherwise you cannot upload files of the maximum size.

The current PHP Version (7.0.29) is greater than the minimum version required to run iTop, which is (5.3.6)

Required PHP extension(s): dom, hash, iconv, json, mysqli, pcre, session, simplexml, soap, zip, zlib.

Optional PHP extension(s): gd, mcrypt.

Loaded php.ini files: /opt/alt/php70/etc/php.ini, /opt/alt/php70/link/conf/alt_php.ini

The value for session.save_path (/tmp) is writable for the web server.

Sorry, the installation cannot continue. Please fix the errors and reload this page to launch the installation again.